Hello! I’m officially back from my short bout of maternity leave (just in time as wedding season approaches!). All went well and we’re slowly adjusting to life as a family of 4. My beautiful girl, Meila, is almost 4 months old, and loving life.

So, here we have the handsome young Astin Fraser Norton, just 8 days old! It was so good to get back into it, and with another sweet little person! To be honest with you, photographing newborns wasn’t really something I would choose if I had to pick over all types of photography… it’s hard work trying to get a baby to sleep, all of the wrapping techniques, and keeping everyone else calm and collected while you try to nail the shot. So this time around, I just decided I was going to go in, and whatever happened, happened.

It was so nice to take photos of the Norton’s again, after having shot their wedding, then their maternity and newborn pictures when having their eldest boy, Jensen Arthur, who is now 2. Everyone was fantastic, especially the little star Astin who pretty much slept through our session. I guess we had lots to talk about and our voices kept him calm. It definitely made me want to shoot more of these bubbas!

Usually I hold these sessions at my house, but I think doing them at the family’s home is just so much more comfortable for everyone, especially when there are older siblings who might need to sleep, have a snack or play in between being needed.

Anyway, in conclusion, I’ll now be permanently holding these sessions at your home, definitely while Bub is in it’s first 7-10 days of life, and baby Astin, thanks for being a little superstar!