It's tough being a photographer's child. Although he is at the cutest age, and is usually a very happy little boy, my Leo does fight the struggle of having his photo taken every 2.5 seconds. Sorry kid! 

Here is Leo's 2nd birthday week. From dressing up as his favourite cowboy, sneakily eating play dough at playgroup, having his first nap in his big boy bed, sharing cake with family at home and then to a weekend birthday bash at Emerald Bank Adventure Park... he is one loved kid! 

Thanks everyone for making Leo's first 2 years the best start. He remembers every single one of you and goes through my phone pointing out all he knows and loves so much. And thank you to the many 'photographers' who contributed to this album of memories for us! 

And thank you Leo for being our the  greatest thing in our lives! You'll go back through these pics one day and hopefully remember it all as the best time of your life... to Infinity and Beyond!