Hey there! I'm Amina. Making beautiful memories is what I love to do. 

Here’s some stuff about me… I love:

My little family of 4, pictured above.

Going on little weekend trips and exploring the smallest of regional towns.

Baking with my three-year-old and letting go of trying to keep the kitchen clean (or the bowl on the bench!).

Making family photo albums (it’s an obsession I’m sure my husband resents me for at the time but is very happy to show them off to people when they visit!)

Smocking - its a needle craft! - even though I last did this when I was in Grade 6.

When my baby girl actually wakes in the middle of the night so we can have a quiet moment together and lock eyes. Gah!

Watching Outlander. A trip to Scotland is on my bucket list in the wee hopes of meeting Jamie Fraser. 

Online shopping (!) - I need that doormat that says ‘Please hid packages from husband’. It’s usually all the family albums!

Lying on the trampoline in Summer as a family, Staring up into the sky at dusk and waiting for the first star to appear. Ah, my happy place! 

So before you introduce your family to me, it’s only fair I tell you about mine. My handsome husband, Gezim, works at Furphy’s Engineering. He’s a footy fanatic (which I’m not) but makes up for it coz looks a bit like Channing Tatum. My little charmer Leo, the child that couldn’t look any less like me, is 3, and my best buddy. You’ve probably seen him all over my Facebook and Instagram, coz he’s pretty cute. And lastly, my darling baby girl, Meila, who’s new in town… and at this stage, all I can say is she smells better than anything I’ve ever smelt before, and I need to bottle that up before she continues to grow way. too. fast. It’s been a beautiful whirlwind having her, but I’m proud to say this time round I’m enjoying it so much more - being present in the moment, exhausting every ounce of energy I have with the kids while they’re awake, knowing they’ll actually grow up and god forbid, go to school one day!

At the moment we’re trying to help Leo cope with becoming a big brother. He’s sweet and helpful one minute and then I catch him pinching - or trying to strangle her the next! Bless his sweet heart, I hope he grows out of it. He’s been my little model for 3 years now and has totally rocked everything (bar a few times when I gave up trying, but you’ll never see those photos!). He takes photos of me and Meila together every now and then which is nice because of course I have all of these beautiful photos of Dad and the kids and only a few of me with them (that I like). He mainly gets my feet but that’s okay - he’s got time to learn!

Encouraging people to be present in photographs is very important to me. I recently lost my Aunty Betty who didn’t have any children, and on going to put together a slideshow of her 58 years on this earth, I could only find a total of 60 images that she existed in. That’s basically one image per year of her life! These images are all we have of her now - they are like gold. No, better than gold. They actually can’t be compared to anything else. They are her legacy to her family, to those who knew her and those who will never have met her. It’s so important that we get in photos. If not, how will we be remembered?

I am a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to type of photography, after being in business since 2006. I started off as an Around Town photographer for the Shepp News, so this is where I learnt my event photography skills, now making beautiful memories of significant life events. I studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Photojournalism, which sees me take documentary style images at these events, helping you remember all of the beautiful moments (plus those you didn’t see). Family portraits are another love, especially those outdoors, in the golden sun, amongst lots of rich colour. I pride myself in making you feel comfortable and going with the flow at your session. I want you to be your true self, so make it my mission to help you relax. My favourite sessions are those where we get to see your genuine, comfortable smiles and hiccupping laughter from the kiddies!

It's the little moments AND the big ones that we should all remember. A happy tear, magic smile, nervous glance…   I would genuinely love to tell your story and look forward to chatting about how we can work together. 

Amina x

Beach photos credit to the gorgeous Gemma of When Jenson Met Delilah Photography. If you’re up for a holiday photoshoot, she’s on the Gold Coast, so look her up!